Disarticulated Skeleton Half Side

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An excellent alternative to natural bone for the teaching of anatomy, whether elemental or advanced. These bones are artificial bones made of polyresin and are made by duplicating from original bones so they have the exact surface and texture as of original bones .Bones are hand made and hand painted They replicate 95 % anatomy of original bones.

We have several medical quality skulls designed for teaching advanced anatomy. These include calvarium cut skulls, whole skulls, and our premier Human Medical Study Skull, which comprises separate cranial bones. Considered the best models available for use in teaching comparative and medical anatomy, our casts are accurate reproductions of the best originals available showing all the foramens and demarcations of muscle attachments which make them different and unique from other replicas and are more durable than natural bone.


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The dimensional specification of our products are as follows:

1. Skull ( calvarium + mid part +mandible) 8*8*4 inch
2. Scapula 165*54 MM
3. Clavicle 127*27 MM
4. Humerus 300*52.88 MM
5. Radius 228*31 MM
6. Ulna 209*26.8 MM
7. Hand 203*82.1 MM
8. Hip Bone 190*132 MM
9. Femur 400*132 MM
10. Patella 30*25 MM
11. Tibia 342.5*67.6 MM
12. Fibula 336.5*13.78 MM
13. Foot 254*152 MM
14. Sternum 144*50 MM
15. Sacrum 106.41*91.65 MM

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