Competency based pharmacology practical exercises

by Rakesh Chandra Chaurasia
Publisher: CBSPD
Edition: 1st
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This is a complete book on practical pharmacology written and designed as per the latest CBME Guidelines Competency Based Undergraduate Curriculum for the Indian Medical Graduate recommended by the National Medical Commission.


Special features of the book:

? The book is designed with a student-friendly format.

? Systematic arrangement of exercises in specific sections.

? Each exercise is presented with an introductory preview to highlight the overview of content on a particular topic.

? Simple explanation and point-wise presentation for easy clarification.

? Special emphasis is laid on applied clinical relevance.

? Content of a particular competency is explained by all possible variants of the examples.

? Inclusion of photographs, tables and diagrams for student's understanding and quick remembrance. Colour photographs have been given in colour plates.

? Self-made graphs are included in CAL for lucid pictorial explanation.

? A recommended outline of exercise is given at the end of every exercise to explore a range of exercises as per topic, instead of a few prefixed exercises of own thought.

? Unnecessary material has been avoided to make students competent in a particular exercise.

? The section Basic Pharmacology represents the scope of the drug from all possible angles in one place, most commonly asked during oral evaluation.

? The section Essential Pharmacology is the unique feature of the book.

? Over 50 clinical case-based problems and their possible explanations are given.

? Unique differentiations are explained through Versus (vs) format, throughout the text.

? A brief presentation of teaching methodology and evaluation at the last

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